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- Red wines

Description :

Wine produced from young vines.

No tannin : Only fruit and round body for this wine with a strong purple color.

Delicate aromas of red currants, strawberries and blackberries.

The robe is sustained, the nose develops aromas of red fruit. Fruity wine with a supple and intense finale.

Served slightly chilled or slightly warm. Wine for summer, for its freshness, with grilled meats. Wine for winter for its smouthness, noons or evenings, with cooked meats, white meats and cheese.

Price :
 30€ for 6 bottles.

Description :

This wine is made of 100% Merlot grappes.On average, its age is about 20 years old. The wine is aged in oak barrels which new wood vary according to the years and with the micro-oxygenation technique.

Price :
 42€ for 6 bottles.

- White wine

Visual sheet :
White green tint, golden notes thanks to wine evolution, unctuous and deep wine with a long finish and considerable aromatic complexity.

Olfactory sheet :
Flowered cuvée, white flowers, white peach, light notes of Muscat.

Gustatif sheet:
Fruity substance, well-balanced ropy and deep wine. Long and aromatic finish giving a pleasant taste.

Ideal for pre-dinner drink, and with seafood, sushis and goat's cheese.

Price :
30€ for 6 bottles.

- Amber wine

Description :

Served this wine fresh.

A pleasant wine on the palate, with fruity taste.

Well-balanced wine with a supple finale. Warm shade of pink and ambre. Served during all sunny meals.

Price :
30€ for 6 bottles.

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