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Location : Situated at Monestier F24240, Grinou has a selection of sunny "terroirs", on the top of the Dordogne hill sides. Exposed to the South - South West, these conditions allow the optimum expression in our Grinou Bergerac AOC wines.

Our vineyard is now certified BIO By ECOCERT.
We produce organic wines.

Grape-varieties : 70% Merlot and 30% Cabernet - Sauvignon.

Harvest : By machine, to pick the grapes as rapidly as possible once at full ripeness.

Vinification : The line we chose to follow to make this wine; from the harvest to the end of the vinification, respects traditions. Moreover we use modern technology: Temperature control, color and tanin extraction and regular tastings all throughout the vinification.

Ageing : The Grinou Bergerac is notaged in oak barrel but in inox tanks, well-adapted to young wines, respecting grapes aroma. Our wines can be drunk from now onwards for its youthful aromas, but it can be left in a good cellar for a good 4 to 5 years.

Tasting notes : The Grinou Bergerac wine is a fine wine, soft in the mouth and rather fruity with flavors of strawberries, blackcurrant and other red fruits. Easy to drink, this wine will enjoy your palate. The tannins are smooth. Grinou de Bergerac makes an ideal choice for summer dishes.


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Victoire de Grinou - Grinou de Julia - Vignobles cuisset 24240 Monestier

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